Our Philosophy (& Our Shipping Policy)

I've created this page for you so that I could explain how I do things, why I do things the way I do them, and hopefully to answer any questions you may have.

If you feel that something is confusing, feel free to contact me anytime at the CONTACT link in the navigation bar on this site or directly via my cell or email, both of which are accessible on the site in multiple locations.


== >> Now let's get to it:

The first thing that you should notice is that I make sure to provide the WHOLESALE PRICE that I pay on every product that I order from Myra within the product description of every product that I list online.


This is the PRICE that any wholesale / distributor will pay for that item when buying it from Myra.




There are no exceptions.

And the reason I do this for every product on the site is because I want you to know that when you see others selling these bags, wallets, boots, etc. on Amazon, eBay, Poshmark, and other such sites -- the best prices can ONLY be found here.


The second thing that you should know is that Myra has a MINIMUM ADVERTISING PRICE for all of its items which is double the wholesale price.   


All items on this site are EXACTLY DOUBLE the wholesale price to comply with Myra's reseller policy.  


The reason I do that is because I believe that everyone should be able to afford an awesome bag or two, a cool bracelet, sweet wallet, or even a pair of great comfortable sandals and not have to worry about paying outrageous credit card bills every month.


I believe that life is worth living.


And life is worth enjoying.


No matter your circumstances.


The next thing that I'd like to comment on is this:


Myra requires a minimum $500 dollar purchase on every order before any order is started.


So for now, I will be ordering once a week from Myra at 6pm CST every Sunday.

Hopefully, you understand this allows me to keep my costs low so that I can pass on the savings to you.


To make sure that your order is part of our weekly Myra order, it must be submitted before the ordering deadline of 5pm CST on Sunday. 

Orders placed after 5pm can't be guaranteed to make the 6pm CST weekly order.


If during the Sunday ordering process, it is discovered that an item that you wanted is unavailable entirely (out of stock) or the size of the item (sneakers, sandals, etc) is unavailable - you will be issued a refund for those items that very night.


I receive my Myra orders normally on Friday (5 days later after the Sunday order). Sometimes on Monday depending UPS.

Once I receive the weekly order from Myra, I ship out your order the very SAME DAY if possible.


 All along the way you will receive the following emails from me:

1) I have received your order from Shopify.

2) That you item has been either ordered from Myra (Sunday night) or has been refunded (Myra was out of stock on your item) also on Sunday night.

3) That Myra has shipped me your order with tracking details so you'll know when I'll be receiving your items in order to get them on their way to you. In most cases, this will be on Wednesday, a couple of days after the Sunday order.

4) Once your order ships, you should receive a shipping notification from Shopify with tracking details, but just in case, I also like to send those details to you as well.


IMPORTANT DO NOT SKIP: When You Place Your Order ALWAYS Double Check that the Shipping Address You Provide is CORRECT and COMPLETE.

If your shipping address is not correct or missing vital information like apt or suite #, your package will be delayed in arriving to you and may incur additional shipping charges.



And the last thing that I'll comment here on is this:


Shipping on this site is based on a per order basis ONLY.


It NEVER changes.


It's a flat fee of $13.99 per order (currently at this time).

Please note that this price remains the same no matter how many items you order.


Order 1 bag -- the shipping charge is $13.99 for your entire order.

Order 3 bags -- the shipping charge is $13.99 for your entire order.

Order 10 bags -- the shipping charge is $13.99 for your entire order.


Additional orders during the week, also ship for FREE.


If you place an order earlier in the week say on Monday for a shoulder bag and then decide to place another order on Thursday for a backpack and a third order for some boots on Saturday, most companies would treat each order separately and charge you a shipping fee for each order -- not me.

What I will do is combine your 3 orders into one shipment and refund the shipping on your 2nd order and on your 3rd order on the days that the additional orders were placed as long as all orders are placed before the Sunday order deadline of 5pm CST.


Your shipping price always remains the SAME.

This allows you to order as many or as few items as you want without any unexpected fees or charges.


There is no hidden fine print anywhere on the site because I want to treat my customers the same way that I want to be treated, not only for today but for years to come.

Hopefully, this post finds you well.



 Chris West

(founder of: HandbagSecretSale.com and TerraKaizen.com)