The Lowest Prices for Myra Bags Online

You MUST READ This Before Ordering

We are able to offer such low prices on all of the items on our site because we order directly from Myra every Sunday.

Orders are placed at 6pm CST every Sunday.


To make sure your order is part of our weekly Myra order, it must be submitted before the ordering deadline of 5pm CST on Sunday.  Orders placed after 5pm can't be guaranteed to make the 6pm CST weekly order.

We receive our Myra orders normally on Friday (5 days later after the Sunday order).

Sometimes on Monday depending UPS.


1) You browse the site, find something you want, and order it.

Once I'm notified of your order by Shopify, I will send you a confirmation order email.

2) On Sunday evening after all the orders are placed for the week, I will send you an email confirming that your order was placed with Myra.  

Buyers with out-of-stock items will be sent a refund notification from Shopify and refunds will be processed that evening.

3) Once Myra ships the weekly order, I will send you a shipping update email along with tracking details from UPS and Myra so that you'll know when I'll be receiving the order.

4) Once I receive the shipment from UPS, your order will be packaged and shipped out the SAME DAY if at all possible. 

Shipments received prior to 4pm CST should ship that day.  Shipments received after 4pm CST should ship out the next business day.

Once a shipping label is printed, you will receive a shipping notification email from Shopify containing your package's tracking number and how it is being shipped to you (either UPS Ground or Priority Mail).

5) Once your order arrives to your home, I hope that you enjoy what you ordered and that you'll give us a positive review, post photos on social media, and tell your friends.

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